The 3 Digital Marketing Strategies Your Cigar Business Needs

In recent years, the popularity of cigars has exploded. Consumers have really embraced the enjoyment that a cigar lifestyle offers. New businesses are springing up around the country.

While the cigar industry is growing in popularity, there are some roadblocks when it comes to running this type of business. One obstacle you need to battle is how to market your business online. This is where your next client is looking for the services you are offering.

As you know, there are advertising restrictions in the high risk category type. You may feel a little overwhelmed and unsure where to begin when it comes to marketing your business.

Restrictions for Tobacco and Cigar Shops

When it comes to marketing your cigar business online, paid advertising is off the table due to strict policies against the promotion of tobacco products.

As you know, social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram have policies against the promotion of tobacco and cigar products.

Google tells us that “ads for products designed to simulate tobacco smoking” are not allowed, and
this includes electronic and herbal cigarettes. However, ads for tobacco are also prohibited.

When it comes to digital marketing, there are many other strategies to consider.

Let’s talk about each one in detail.

1. Why You Should Utilize Local Search for Your Cigar Business

When consumers are trying to find your cigar business online, it’s essential that you show up in the local search results. However, showing up isn’t the only thing you need to do.

You need to make sure your website is optimized for local traffic and that you’re featuring your products.
When you partner with us at Cigar Box Marketing, we will create a locally optimized website, called a microsite, to enhance your current website.

Our website services have a focus on driving sales for your shop and featuring your inventory.

Utilizing a website service through our local search plan also allows us to satisfy two audiences – consumers and search engines. Learn why it’s so important to satisfy both audiences here.

2.Consider Social Media for Your Business

Just like the cigar-centric industry is continuing to grow, so is social media!

Nowadays, consumers and businesses alike utilize social media to communicate with each other. Having a consistent social media presence allows you to create a visual story relating to your products.

Not only can you post photos, but you can feature product videos and go live to keep your followers up to date.

Social media is one of the best marketing strategies to build a strong connection with your followers while showcasing your latest products.

Keeping up with your social media can leave you in a haze, but that’s why we have our social media plan. Our team will work with you to supplement what you’re already doing and continue to build your following.

Plus, when you pair your social media with local search plans, we can connect your social channels to your website feed. Ultimately, this means more exposure for your business!

3.Review Marketing Creates Loyalty

Before we jump in, I want you to think about something. When you find a business you really like, do you return to it? Most likely your answer is yes.

The same goes for business! Once a consumer finds something or somewhere they really like, their loyalty grows exponentially. It’s almost as if they become a brand ambassador for your business.

Because of this loyalty, it’s easy to get consumers to leave reviews after an experience with you, so make sure it is worth their time and effort.

Keep in mind, though, that earning trust is competitive. Once a customer is loyal, most times they won’t go to somewhere else. It’s getting a new consumer in the marketing funnel to begin with that’s the tricky part.

Loyalty and Rewards

To gain more customers, offer rewards/loyalty programs to stay in line or ahead of your competition.

With a cost-efficient, easy-to-use mobile loyalty app, collecting customer information such as name, email and phone number, lets you to communicate directly with your audience. Campaigns for promotional offers, events, holiday and festival and much more allow you to say anything (within professionalism and reason) without the worry of Google or Facebook removing your posts.

Plus, a review campaign set up through our custom business app allows us to send review requests to your customers and earn more 5-star reviews which help your ranking.

The more reviews that highlight how great of a shop you have helps other consumers choose your business during the customer journey.

Final Thoughts

Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult for your business. While there are some challenges to overcome, don’t let it hold you back!

When you have a comprehensive strategy that includes local search, social media and review marketing, your business will work toward an improved online presence.

We know that running your business and juggling your marketing at the same time can be a lot, so let us take digital marketing off your plate!

At Cigar Box Marketing, we keep your best interest in mind. Our teams use industry best practices and current trends to guide you in finding the right digital marketing strategy for your business.

Request a no-obligation demo with one of our local consultants today!

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