If your marketing campaigns don’t reflect the time and energy you spend to move product, then it is time to learn more. Find a proven strategy that doesn’t overwhelm, is cost effective and provides a path to greater sales revenue.

What does it take to be the local leader in premium cigar sales?

How do you attract and retain loyal customers into your place and to your online store?

Is the competition cutting into your store profits?

Have you spent time, energy and money to increase store traffic and online sales only to have it fail …miserably?

These are real challenges whether you are a new business or a seasoned retailer. Afterall, you are responsible for managing the business, overseeing inventory, scheduling employees and salespeople, making payroll, paying operating expenses, negotiating with distributors and so much more.

So, how do you attract the cigar enthusiast while juggling the day-to-day operations? We believe you should be spending time with your customers and not wasting it trying to figure out what digital services will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

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Create Loyal Customers with Attention Getting Campaigns

Do you acknowledge your best customers? Is a visit to your business or online store memorable?

Staying top of mind isn’t easy especially when your direct competition is vying for the same audiences. Think of the value of loyalty and how to stay connected without “overthinking” the process. By incorporating the right B2C nurture strategies, your business can absolutely win the attention and purchasing power of current customers, increase repeat purchases and find new customers who will also become your local ambassadors. With the right marketing plan, your business wins the allegiance of customers locally and online.

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Successful customer acquisition and retention strategies combines art and a science.By raising awareness of your brand and products in the marketplace, you are securing the competitive edge. We help you define your unique style, solve real problems in your outreach, provide great content, create community buzz and obtain customer advocacy. Finally, with all of the data, we measure marketing effectiveness and set new goals for future campaigns.


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Local customers
Reach online buyers
Increase awareness


The first steps in getting customers into your place. You can invite them to participate by offering something of interest with a favorable experience and an opportunity for more. Campaigns that attract and retain customer loyalty and evoke a ‘feel good’ impression. Start Today.


Starts at $1245

Loyalty Rewards for customers
Retain Relationships
Build Reputation Credibility


Learn how to occupy, attract, or involve interest and attention. You want your customers to get involved in a conversation or discussion with you to establish a meaningful connection so they will keep coming back for more. Start Today.


Starts at $2525

In store and online sales
Drive visitor conversion
Showcase Your Location


This is the time to raise up your business to a higher position by increasing the range of your digital outreach. These components maximize in store and online sales that drive visitors to your location.

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Google Business Profile Optimization

Why is this so important to a brick and mortar business?

Benefits of Using Google Business Profile

Google owns 90% of the mobile search market. Being able to find out how customers are discovering your business through in-depth insights will help improve and target your marketing strategies and lead to better search performance.

Get Found Online

Directly below paid ads in local searches (eg. Cigar shops nearby), the Local Three-Pack on Google is displayed. Businesses showing up here receive a 700% boost in potential clicks. An optimized GBP listing will help your visibility and improve local SEO.

Benefits of Google Business Profile

Use this guide to improve your local visibility. Manage your online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. Having your Google Business Profile (GBP) page optimized on the #1 search engine can lead to more customers, more sales and more repeat business. Need help?

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