As a brand owner, your focus is on managing the business. Operations in the factory, production, packaging, shipping and plenty of other demanding obligations that keep business humming occupy your time.

Concerns like: Are new blends coming to market? Is inventory moving? Have production costs increased? How is employee productivity? and a myriad of other responsibilities that must be addressed in a timely and urgent manner. So, when do you address marketing your brand?

Where do you find the time to nurture your distribution pipeline?
How do you connect with your best wholesalers and retailers?
How do you capitalize on the vast network B2B and B2C brand ambassadors?
How can you nurture and grow your current partners/ambassadors?

If your marketing campaigns don’t reflect the time and energy you spend to move product, then it is time to learn more. Find a proven strategy that doesn’t overwhelm, is cost effective and provides a path to greater sales revenue.

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Reward Your Customers To Reinforce Your Brand

How do you reward your best customers? Staying top of mind isn’t easy especially when your direct competition is vying for the same shelf space and attention of tobacconists and distributors. Think of the value of loyalty and how to stay connected without “overthinking” the process. By incorporating the right B2B nurture strategies, your brand can absolutely compete for those coveted high-demand spots, increase repeat purchases and gain greater customer loyalty. With the right marketing plan, your brand wins the allegiance of customers around the globe.

Proven Plans For Manufactures and Brand Owners

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Starts at $327


Choose this package to spark interest in your customer base, improve your Google Business Profile page, ask for Reviews and post your events across the top social platforms.


Starts at $987


Choose this package to flare up your local business and get found everywhere. You’ll really turn up the heat with social marketing posts, Google Business and your very own mobile APP. All the benefits of Spark and more. Forget digital ads and learn how to retain loyal customers, target new customers and remain connected 24/7/365.


Starts at $2380


Choose this package to light up the sky. You are the face of your brand. Cigar enthusiasts, brokers and other aficionados look to you for your recommendations. Make sure that everyone knows your name, your ‘face and recognizes your brand. Full immersion in the digital landscape gets even better with video messaging. Use it to your advantage and smoke the competition!

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Direct to Customer

In the digital age, brands can improve the consumer relationships with better user experiences.

Adapting to ecommerce doesn’t mean you have to give up what’s already working for you, instead, treat it as a way to expand your target audiences B2B or B2C. eCommerce sales will reach $151.20 billion in 2022, an increase of 16.9% compared to 2021, making now the perfect time to adapt and meet the online expectations consumers have in the digital age. We have seen the ecommerce landscape change dramatically over the last couple of years. Driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses had to deal with more change than in the previous two decades. Shipping and acquisition costs are rising at an alarming rate, while returns on online advertising are plummeting.

At the same time, consumer behavior is rapidly evolving. As more money than ever before is being spent online, customer expectations are through the roof. People are more selective about which companies to buy from and less accepting of slow delivery times (unless it’s for the right brand), while ongoing supply chain issues are forcing merchants to permanently change their fulfillment strategies. How do you navigate these challenges and set yourself up for success? Learn more about the rapidly changing ecommerce landscape and the recommendations you need to build lasting loyalty.

13 Techniques Guaranteed to Improve Your ECommerce CRO

For most people, shopping online is an exercise of trust. They’re trusting you to deliver a high quality product when you say you will. They’re trusting that your product descriptions are accurate and that your product does what you say it does. They’re trusting you not to rip them off. CRO allows you to generate more revenue for your existing audience. Instead of being forced to constantly spend money to expand your footprint, you can start growing right where you are.

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