Great Lakes Smoke Show Outgrows Regional Roots, Prompts Rebranding and Name Change

Great Lakes Smoke Show Outgrows Regional Roots, Prompts Rebranding and Name Change


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Great Lakes Smoke Show Outgrows Regional Roots, Prompts Rebranding and Name Change

(Fox Lake, IL) October 5, 2022 – Great Lakes Smoke Show (GLSS) announced today plans to change their corporate name to the Great Cigar & Pipe Show (GC&PS) following the company’s continued domination in reaching cigar and spirits enthusiasts around the world. The GLSS, known for its quirky and witty podcast about ‘all things cigars’ and their Smoke the Chooooch segment will carry over to the new name.

When asked why the name change was so important, Creative Director Frank Minutillo said, “It was really a natural progression. The time had come to shed our regional origins and embrace much larger national and global audiences. Founder, Bob Pecorini emphasized, “It was fine when we were starting out, but we want a name that reflects who we’ve become. ”Founder, Ron Pecorini added, “We want the emphasis to be on ‘Great Smoke’, not saying that we are great, but our show sure strives to be!”

As part of the name change, GC&PS has released a new company logo and is working on launching a new company website at Although the legal name of the company will continue to be Great Lakes Smoke Show, LLC. until the name change process has been completed, for marketing and branding purposes the company will now begin to refer to itself under the new corporate name. While a name change typically signifies a shift in strategy, the ‘Chooches’ are all about being fresh and contemporary, so the format, antics and lively banter will remain.

Great Lakes Smoke Show was created in 2018 as the brainstorm of founding members Ron Pecorini, his brother Bob and Kyle Jesso where it debuted on a local Chicagoland market radio station. The idea of show was to connect with the ‘everyday man and woman’ who embraced their passions as cigar enthusiasts and spirits aficionados.

Outgrowing its local radio reach the show moved into the Podcast arena in 2019. “Cousin” Frank joined the crew in 2020 as artistic director. In late 2021, the show announced a new monthly co-host, Jerah Hutchins, bringing the female perspective and experiences. As their reputation expanded, so did the appeal. Joe Gulino, or Joey G. as he is affectionately known, was a late addition to the line, focusing on cigar and whiskey pairings.

In just 4 short years, the show’s hosts, Ron Pecorini, “Retired” Bob Pecorini, “Cousin” Frank and Kyle have become a household name in the world of cigar podcasts. With a rhythmic but offbeat line up, the show has featured some of the industry’s most renown guests including premier supporter; Luciano Meirelles of Luciano Cigars, the Boutique Cigar Association’s founder Dr. Gabie Kafie/Kafie 1901 and President, Armen Caprielain/Dav Cigars, Jeff Borysiewicz/President & Founder, Corona Cigar Co., Glenn Case of Kristoff Cigars, Fouad Khashouty of Hiram and Solomon, Nick Perdomo, Rocky Patel and Steve Sacca, names that need no introduction.

Kyle Jesso, Technical Director and co-host echoed the crew’s unanimous decision to move to a brand that reinforces their audiences. “We are really proud of the show. Looking back from where we started to today, the show’s expansion into the global space in under four years is nothing short of amazing.” Jesso added, “the timing was right, and this was the perfect opportunity to rebrand.”

Their legendary support of Cigars for Warriors, The Boutique Cigar Association and a myriad of local lounges has earned them notice around the country. Invitations to host live shows come in regularly. Equipment in hand, they have been front and center at the Arlington, TX 2022 Celebrity Softball Classic supporting US Military Veterans, Martinsville, IN at the Smoke at the Creek Festivals in 2021 & 2022, Premium Cigar Association 2019 and 2021 & 2022, The Big Smoke with Honest Abe Dababneh, the 2021 Club Macanudo (NYC) for the exclusive release MSX Cigar line for Ace Prime and much more. Applications for live events will also be available on the website. For now, visit them on the website or join the crew every Tuesday evening at 7:30 CST.


The Great Cigar & Pipe Show podcast is broadcast from Fox Lake, Il and Lake Mary, Florida and reaches over 60 countries with viewership rising with each show. The show’s format includes a weekly guest with live Q&A from the audience, Smoke the Chooch contest with giveaways and commercial breaks. The guest schedule for 2023 GC&PS and sponsorship opportunities will be available shortly. The GC&PS is the official media platform for the Boutique Cigar Association. New website address coming in 2023


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